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Insurance for New and Young Drivers

Young Driver Insurance

New Driver Distractions

Adding a new teen driver to your car insurance may raise your auto insurance rates. Also, having your new teenage driver take the keys of your car for the evening may also raise your level of stress.

Fortunately, the cost of a new driver or a teenage driver auto insurance doesn’t have to break the bank or cause undue stress. You can get dependable, affordable teen auto insurance through Guaraldi Insurance and you may even be able to get a discount.

Also, we have online educational programs for new drivers that can help to improve their driving and this leads to lower insurance rates. Guaraldi Insurance also offers the opportunity to have the new teenage driver and one of our teenage-friendly agents talks about the key factors to safe driving. We want your new driver to be safe and we want your insurance rates to be a low as possible.

Help Your New Teen Driver Drive Smarter

In addition to getting affordable teen auto insurance, your teen will need a lot of help on the road to becoming a smart driver. That’s why we can offer you our online New Driver Educational Program.

This new driver educational program will teach:

  • How brain development can affect teen driving
  • The top risks for teen drivers and how to address them
  • How to talk to your teen about driving in a way that will be well received
  • What to practice with your teen when you’re in the car
  • How to help your teen make smarter driving decisions

New Driver Online Learning Sessions & Tests

A new driver needs to be aware of the factors that can help to make them safer new drivers. Therefore awareness through education is a big part of being a safe new driver. To be a safe driver leads to lower insurance rates.

Our online safe driver educational program teaches new drivers safe driving behaviors. We explain the top cause of new teenage driver accidents and violations. The intent is to make the teenage driver more aware and this leads to smarter driving decisions which lead to safer driving and lower insurance costs.

By taking our safe driver course the new teenage driver will learn how to:

  • Deal with distractions, such as friends, phones, and music
  • Drive at night, in bad weather and on changing road conditions
  • Maintain a safe distance from other cars on the road
  • Spot and avoid impaired drivers
  • Control speed in traffic, on curbs and in neighborhoods
  • Handle the highway
  • Cope with driving and peer pressure

Contact Guaraldi Insurance in Lebanon, New Hampshire to discuss how we can help to make your new teenage driver safer and how we can help you to achieve lower car insurance rates and to properly insure your new driver.

Contact Guaraldi Insurance in Lebanon, New Hampshire for your Young Driver’s Insurance needs.

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