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Business Interruption Insurance – Because Time Is Money

Business interruption insurance keeps your business from closing its doors due to unexpected events. If you’re closed for business, you still have to pay the bills – employees, rent or mortgage, suppliers, taxes and yourself. A force outside your control may interrupt your business continuity strategy and cause you to close your doors for a time, including:

  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Wind storm
  • Vandalism
  • Equipment damage

Business interruption insurance keeps your business running

Business interruption insurance can keep capital flowing through your company in the event of such disruptions. It can help you:

  • Maintain your business continuity strategy
  • Keep your business afloat if a loss forces you to close for a short time
  • Pay for lost net income and continuing expenses such as mortgage, advertising, taxes and salaries
  • Pay your relocation and advertising fees if you set up shop at a temporary site

Your business continuity strategy gets business back on track faster

The Guaraldi Agency understands that your business is your livelihood, so with our business interruption insurance we start payments sooner. Some companies force you to wait 72 hours after a loss before they start to pay we can often get the payments to start in a shorter time frame.
Find superior business interruption insurance service with the Guaraldi Agency!
Contact the Guaraldi Agency in Lebanon, New Hampshire at 603-448-3250.

Contact the Guaraldi Agency in Lebanon, New Hampshire for your Business Interruption Insurance needs.

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